Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday: 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM | Saturday: 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM

USDA Inspected Retail Meat Processing 

Blue Ribbon Processing specializes in the custom processing of beef and pork. We can also process bison. 
We offer custom and standard cuts, cure, as well as in-house smoked and seasoned sausage. Nitrate free seasoning is available. Your meat is vacuum sealed for maximum preservation time. Interested in having your beef USDA graded? We can do that! Details below.

USDA Beef Grading

You can have your beef graded by the USDA at Blue Ribbon Processing for a fee of $25.00/head. If you would like more details about our grading process or have questions, please contact us.


Slaughter (hanging wt.<1000#) — $120.00

Slaughter (hanging wt.>1000#) — $190.00

Processing — $1.15 per lb. hanging weight

Split Half —- $0.20 per lb. hanging weight

Single Wrap — $0.15 per lb. hanging weight

Patties ——————– $0.75 per lb.

Boneless —– $0.10 per lb. hanging weight

Extra Fat Added ————- $2.25 per lb.

Jerky Slices —————- $0.75 per lb.


Slaughter ———————- $120.00

Processing —- $1.15 per lb. hanging weight

Cure ———- $1.10 per lb. hanging weight

Sausage —– $0.75 per lb. (25 lb minimum)

Patties ——————— $1.40 per lb.

Links ——- $2.50 per lb. (25 lb. minimum)

Kill & Chill ————— $150 per animal

Smoked Sausages

Smoked Kolbassi — $4.00 per lb. (50lb min.)

Summer Sausage — $4.00 per lb. (50lb min.)

Beef Sticks ——– $5.00 per lb. (50lb min.)

Retail Sides

Beef Whole or Half —- $5.00 per lb. hanging weight

Pork Whole or Half —- $4.50 per lb. hanging weight

Misc. Charges

Boxes w/ Lids (speciality boxes)-$0.15 per lb.

Beef Cuts

Steaks – Standard cut 3/4″ thick

  • Rib-eye: Boneless Steak trimmed, tender with marbling
  • T-Bone: Tender marbled steak with the “T” bone intact
  • New York Strip: Tender and richly marbled steak that is removed from the “T” bone.
  • Tenderloin: Lean and tender with adbundant flavor
  • Sirloin: Large sized lean steak
  • Round: Moderately tender and flavorful, can be plain or tenderized (will only be 1/2 thick when tenderized) great for chicken fried steaks
  • Flank: Lean and flavorful, great for fajita meat
  • Skirt: Rich flavor and marbling, tender and great for fajita meat
  • Hanging Tender: Higher fat content, flavorful and tender


Roasts – Standard crock pot size 3-4 lbs.

  • Chuck Roast: Classic crock pot roast
  • Brisket: Tender when cooked low and slow
  • Arm: Great crock pot roast
  • Rib Roast: Also known as Prime Rib, will eliminate Rib-Eye Steaks
  • Rump: Lean Roast for braising
  • Sirloin Tip: Lean, tender, and smaller than other roasts
  • Tri-Tip: Tender and flavorful, great for grilling

Stew Meat – Cubed meat, butcher uses best trim, round, skirt and flank

Short Ribs – Rack of Ribs cut in half

Soup Bones – cut of Shank Bone

Ground Beef – Available in 1 or 2 pound packages

Ground Beef Patties – Available in 1 pound packages, 1/4 pounder or 1/3 pounders

Offal – Heart, liver, oxtail, tongue

Beef Sticks – Choice of seasoning, please see below for available seasoning. Cheese is available upon request.

Pork Cuts

Steaks – Standard cut 5/8″ thick

  • Shoulder steaks: Rich and tender
  • Pork Chops: Bone-in or Boneless tender steak

Roasts – Standard – Standard crock pot size 3-4 lbs

  • Shoulder: Crock pot whole or cut up for stew
  • Loin: Tender, lean and flavorful
  • Ham: Smoked, cured, or uncured
  • Bacon: Smoked, cured, or uncured (Fresh Side)

Spare Ribes – Great for grilling

  • Baby Back: in place of pork chops
  • Country Style Ribs: in place of roasts

Ham Hocks – End portion of Ham

Summer Sausage – 1 or 2 pound packages

Ground Pork – Bulk available in 1 or 2 pound packages

Sausage Bulk – Seasoned with our many seasoning options in 1 or 2 pound packages

Sausage Links – 1 oz. links or 5 links per 1 lb packages

Sausage Patties – 6 patties per 1 lb package

Grinders – 3 patties per 1 lb package

***Current Seasoning Options: Regular, Hot, Italian, Green Chile, Jalapeno, Maple Bourbon